Event Photo Sharing Made Easy

Software made by photographers, for photographers

We believe customers shouldn’t have to sift through gigantic web galleries, scan their face or surrender email addresses just to receive their individual photos.

Drawing from years of extensive research and industry expertise, we’ve developed this sleek, user-friendly software designed to seamlessly link guests to their photos through the simple scan of a QR card.

Custom graphics

Personalise each event with custom graphics.

Direct link to photos

Link each customer directly to their image.

Easy to use

Made for photographers of all levels.

Speedy workflow

No wasting time taking customer information.

No extra hardware

Any camera, any computer.

No subscription

Simply purchase QR cards as and when you need them .

Generate leads whilst you work

At Shoot ‘N’ Share, we empathise with the challenges of finding time to generate new business.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our fully branded business QR cards.


These innovative cards not only provide your customers with direct access to their individual photos on a personalised branded microsite, but also conveniently include all your business details for booking your services for their next job.


Take a quick overview

Linking customers to their photos has never been easier

 Throughout the years, we’ve witnessed many techniques photographers employ to try and connect customers with their photos.
Drawing upon our extensive experience in the field, we’ve developed a straightforward 4-step workflow that eliminates the need for handling any data, allowing you to focus solely on your craft of photography.

 Not sure how Shoot ‘N’ Share would integrate into your workflow?

Schedule a one-on-one session with our team of experts to assess your workflow and tailor it to your needs.

Share Photos Your Way

Personalisation is crucial, and that’s why Shoot ‘N’ Share’s customisable features take user experience to the next level. Easily change your logo, background colour, and add a tagline for each event with the click of a button.
Offering your customers an unforgettable experience.

Work Mobile

Your background

Add a custom bespoke background to make your customer download page stand out.

Your logo

Add your logo to share your brand with the world.

Your tagline

Enhance your brand message with a personalised tagline underneath your logo.

Your overlay

Let your customers do your marketing by sharing fully branded photos on social media.

The benefits you can offer with
Shoot 'N' Share

Shoot ‘N’ Share has undergone extensive testing across a wide variety of events, proving its versatility in adapting to diverse workflows.
Whether you’re hired to capture photos for a client’s event or looking to sell cards for customer access to their images,
our platform seamlessly caters to your needs. Moreover, with our branded QR cards, you can leverage this tool not only for providing access but also as a powerful promotional asset to amplify your marketing efforts.