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Grow your Wedding Photography Business with Shoot 'N' Share

Explore the ease of self-promotion with our personalised
Shoot ‘N’ Share cards, designed for wedding photographers. Guests receive a direct link to their photos on a custom microsite, and they leave with a unique QR business card containing all the information needed for potential bookings. It's a simple and effective way to mass-market yourself to the perfect target audience.
“Since using Shoot ‘N’ Share my new enquires have gone through the roof ”

Everyone's a Winner

The advantages of using Shoot ‘N’ Share at a wedding extend way beyond just the photographer…

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Bride & Groom

Empower the newlyweds to express gratitude to their guests by providing direct links to shared photos.

Wedding Guests

Discover and enjoy those seldom-shared wedding photos of guests looking their best.


Enhance the appeal of your packages while boosting bookings through the distribution of business cards.

It’s So Simple

By adding business details to your personalised QR cards, wedding guests will know exactly where to go to book your services. Marketing really doesn’t get much simpler than that!

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Customise your cards

Purchase custom QR cards delivered straight to your door.

Shoot an event

Follow workflow and hand guest branded card

Let the enquiries roll in

Let your photography skills speak for themselves.

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